We mix aerosol paints according to the color code, according to the colors of the RAL palette or according to the color sample provided by you. You can order them in our AutoX paint stores:

Vilnius, Švitrigailos g. 40 B

Tel. Nr. +370 52 336 679


Kaunas, Savanorių pr. 273

Tel. Nr. +370 37 308 905


Klaipėda, Paryžiaus Komunos g. 25

Tel. Nr. +370 46 382 268


Panevėžys, Smėlynės g. 112

Tel. Nr. +370 45 465 294


Aerosol paints are a popular choice among people who want to paint their own auto or motorcycle parts and other items. This is an easy and simple painting method that does not require expensive painting equipment.

Aerosol paints are professional and of the same quality as used in car repair shops.

To order aerosol paint, you need to know the exact color code or have a color sample. The color code is a combination of numbers or letters specified by the car manufacturer.

The mixed paint is filled into aerosol cans that are easy to use. In addition, aerosol paints dry quickly, which increases work efficiency, and the result can be seen immediately.