UAB HELVINA has been importing, exporting and supplying automotive painting systems and car body repair materials since 1994. The company also organises professional training courses of car painting and paint colour selection improving employee and individual qualifications.


Our company:

  • Currently represents over 30 different manufacturers from the European Union, Asia and the Middle East;

  • Offers a wide range of goods: more than 2000 different products for car body repair;

  • Satisfies all customer needs with the help of experienced staff;

  • Organises professional training courses for painters and colourists in our training centre.


UAB HELVINA commits to provide consumers with professional and high quality products at the best current quality and price ratio. Our continuous effort to keep abreast of the latest technologies enables us to deliver the most effective solutions to our customers.


Key events:

  • 1994 - the company was established in Savanorių st. 271, Kaunas, Lithuania;

  • The shops in Vilnius (1998), Kaunas (2002), Panevėžys (2005), Klaipėda (2007) were opened;

  • 2005 - the production of SOLL and ARS Colour products was started in the best Western European factories;

  • September 2010 / 2012 / 2014 - the company participated in the exhibition in Frankfurt (Germany); 2011 - the exhibition in Poznan (Poland), Moscow (Russia); 2015 - Oslo Motor Show (Norway); 2020 - Automassan (Sweden).

  • September 2012 - the company moved to 1718,50 mpremises located in Parko st. 96, Ramučiai, Kaunas district.

JSC HELVINA makes export to 36 countries at the moment.